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Museum of Great Moravia

Jezuitská 1885
Staré Město, 686 02

The Great Moravia Museum in Staré město at the "Na Valách" area stands above the foundations of a 9th century church, since 1969 it is a National Cultural Monument. At the time of the 9th century West Slavic state, the church was surrounded by a vast burial site where both members of Great Moravia nobility, who were buried here with their weapons and jewelry, and poor people, peasants and craftsmen were interred side by side. Over 2000 graves have so far been examined, which makes the "Na Valách" site the largest necropolis of Great Moravia. A multi-media exposition presents landmarks in the history of Great Moravia as well as the everyday life of people.
památník Velké Moravy
expozice památníku Velké Moravy
expozice památníku Velké Moravy

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