Historické putování


At the Balls house

Fráni Šrámka 131/131
Písek, 397 01

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Responsible person
Name: Tomáš
Family name: Jiřík
Phone: 774 598 334
Historic house with original ornamentation of the façade and a rich literary history, for a long time the seat of the elementary art school.

The house owes its name to three cannon balls of different sizes, found on the site when the Putim Gate was pulled down in the 19th century and set into its façade, ornamented also with sgraffiti. As for its literary history, it is associated mainly with the writer Fráňa Šrámek, whom the childhood and youth years spent here inspired to writing the "Silver Wind" novel and "Moon Above the River" play. For five decades, till mid-2014, it housed the Písek Elementary Art School. In the courtyard stands a memorial to the violin play pedagogue Otakar Ševčík.

Dům U Koulí, Písek
Dům U Koulí, Písek
Dům U Koulí, Písek
Dům U Koulí, Písek
Dům U Koulí, Písek
Bakaláře, Písek
Historické opevnění Písku

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