Historické putování


Manorial Court

Hradní 640/3
Boskovice, 680 01

A single-level four-wing building with a central courtyard and originally open, now glazed, partly brick-lined arcades, included in the cultural heritage list under no. 369. The saddle roof is broken on the courtyard-facing side by large Empire-style dormer windows. The courtyard was accessed through two entrances of which the left is still in use and the right one is preserved but out of use since the road from made-up ground leading to the new chateau was built (1820). The structure is decorated with a stone coat-of-arms escutcheon of the Dietrichsteins above the jamb of the bricked-up entrance to the manorial court. A postal collection point, at first three times a week, from 1 May 1836 daily collecting letters and parcels, was set up in the front wing in 1883. From 1955 the building was used by the local farming cooperative, and was falling into disrepair. In the 1970s, when it narrowly escaped demolition, it was renovated to serve cultural purposes. In 1975 a children´s library was set up in the first renovated part, and in September 1983 the Otakar Kubín Museum was opened in the eastern wing. The southern and a large part of the western wings were used by the Municipal Library. Today the building houses several firms.


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