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Cemetery Church of the Annunciation

Beroun, 266 01

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Five years later, a single-nave church dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary was built near it. Because of its location behind the city gate, it is called "Zábranský" (Behind-the-gate). In 1566 a wooden bell tower was added to the church. In 1738-1744 the late Gothic church was rebuilt in Baroque style. The wooden bell tower was removed in 1813 due to a gathering. After the arrival of the Piarists to Beroun in 1773, they held services here until 1870, when they left the town. In 1798-1812 the Piarists were replaced by the army, which had a flour store in the church. In 1875-1876 the church was repaired and a tower was added. The last renovation of the church was carried out in 1994. The main altar by the Prague carver František Ferdinand Ublacker and the paintings of St. Martin and St. Vojtěch by the Prague painter František Barbieri deserve attention. The cemetery was closed in 1904 and in 1963 it was converted into a park. The cemetery gate from the second third of the 18th century is remarkable in its construction. The cemetery has an ossuary, sometimes referred to as the Plague Chapel. The chapel is an 18th century rectangular Baroque building with a stepped gable. There are 16th and early 17th century tombstones in the front of the chapel and on the outer wall of the church.

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The new cemetery was founded by the aldermen on the former Meadow of St Anna of Příbram in 1520 during the plague epidemic.

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