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Manorial Brewery

Na Lázni 488
Polná, 588 13

Tours of section of historic cellars. Burgher Brewery, Manorial Brewery cold store, granary, pharmacy

The Manorial Brewery was an important source of income for the Polná-Přibyslav demesne, and was given attention especially under the princes of Dietrichstein, when the two-storey Baroque building of an oblong plan was constructed above a pond. Its characteristic feature is particularly the triangular volute gable with ornamental pine cones. Like the Burgher Brewery, it is a Protected Monument, but unlike it its cellars are separate, they were built inside an opposite hill in 1760, and saw extensive alterations in 1897. In 1927 the then owner Jindřich Volenec sold it to the burghers who possessed brewing rights, and it was thus merged with the Burgher Brewery. 

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