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House of Nature of Třeboň District

Zámek 110/0
Třeboň, 379 01

The House of Nature with the permanent exposition "Landscape and People", the visitors' centre of the Třeboň District Protected Landscape Area and Biosphere Reserve. The house, within the Třeboň Chateau complex, provides information on nature, heritage trails and tourist sights in the Třeboň area. The "Landscape and People" exposition offers a look into the history and nature of the region and entertainment as well as instruction in getting to know nature with all the senses.

The exposition is divided into six rooms, each presenting a different theme, equipped with video kiosks - panels with screens offering short films. The first room acquaints visitors with the famous fish farmers of Třeboň and explains how their work changed the local landscape. The next one is dedicated to the history of farming and management of the Třeboň demesne by the Swarzenberg family. A notable sight is the original cold store from the early 20th century, when one of the chateau kitchens was in this part. Walking through a smaller room presenting the story of Třeboň spas, visitors reach the largest section, on the Třeboň area nature. They can hear the sounds of the nature of forests and ponds, see the biotopes typical of the local landscape - forest, peat bog and wet meadow, with their inhabitants - widespread as well as protected animal species. The last room is a video hall offering two films, one presenting the nature of Třeboň area during the seasons, and the other spending a day with fishermen during the clearing of a fish-pond.

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