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Church of the Assumption in Mařatice

1. máje
Uherské Hradiště, 686 05

The monument is accessible for free

Monument will be open: 11.9.2022 from 13:00 to 17:00 hours

A visit to the church with its newly restored organ is recommended together with a visit to the Chapel of St. Roch and the Rochus open-air museum.

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During the struggle between catholics and evangelical churches for the local parishes, Václav Kulíšek of Moravičany, a former municipal scribe and later the mayor of Hradiště, commissioned the construction of the church by the road to the vinyards, on the basis of a contract with the municipality of December 18, 1613.

During struggles between Catholic and Evangelist churches for the local parishes, Václav Kulíšek from Moravičany, a former municipal scribe, and later Mayor of Hradiště, commissioned the construction of the church at the path to the vinyards, based on a contract of 18 December 1613. The simple structure with the main altar and two side ones, dedicated to St Joseph and the Lord’s Supper, was completed in 1614. Kulíšek bought land and donated  fields for the parish priest’s subsistance which serfs from Jarošov, Mařatice, Popovice and Podolí had to cultivate. The municipality donated some furnishings and committed itself to contribute 10 Moravian florins to the church annually.

After his wife died, Kulíšek became a priest and was appointed parish priest at the new church. A stone cartouche with Kulíšek’s coat-of-arms and foundation inscription is set in the wall behind the main altar.

The Church of the Assumption, a valuable late Renaissance structure with some advanced already early Baroque forms, dominates the municipal cemetery. It is a single-aisle oriented building with a semi-circular end of the presbytery and a quadrilateral tower.

Restoration work in 2008-2013 tackled the gravest construction and technology problems of the building: removal of exterior and interior wet and degraded plaster, static securing with micropiles under the foundations, newly installed handmade brick-style tiles on the interior floor (based on the finds of the original historic Baroque flooring under the poured terrazzo, unfortunately degraded).

In the second stage of the church restoration, the roof was repaired, windows and doors were replaced and the façade received new plaster and paint. Subsequently the interior was decorated, and finally received furnishings, the restored Baroque altar was installed and the ground was adjusted.  


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