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Church of St Anne near Horšovský Týn

Sv. Anna
Horšovský Týn, 346 01

The pilgrimage Church of St Anne, about 1 km from Horšovský Týn, is a first-category architectural and cultural monument of regional importance, built in the late-Gothic period and later remodelled in Baroque style.

The Church of St Anne is a spacious single-aisle structure with original net-vaulted presbytery with ribs stemming from cylindrical supports, in the lower part embedded  in an ornamental belt of polychromed terracotta tiles with typical late-Gothic relief. The lower part of the presbytery flat walls shows remains of paintings from the 16th century with the coats of arms of the church´s prominent sponsors.

According to legend, around 1500 a burgher called Křečka ploughed out here a statuette of St Anne about half an ell long, made from dark wood. He brought it home, but in the three subsequent years it always returned to the original place of the find. A wooden chapel was therefore built on the site. The place attracted a constantly growing number of believers, which resulted in the foundation of the Brotherhood of St Anne, led by Jiří of Ronšperk, with the mission of building a stone church on the site. The foundation stone was laid in 1507, and nine years later, on 5 April 1516, the church was consecrated by Peter Kraft, Bishop of Regensburg. After the middle of 18th century, the church was remodelled in Baroque style, the sacristy and Baroque vault were completed. In mid-19th centure the Trauttmansdorffs had their family vault built in the crypt. After World War II the Church of St Anne Na Vršíčku (On Hilltop) became a frequent target of vandals, and its original furnishings did not survive. Nowadays the church is completely closed.

The monument falls under Horšovský Týn Castle and Chateau administration, Republiky Square 1,346 01 Horšovský Týn, tel. +420 379 423 111, mob. tel. +420 606 659 643, e-mail horsovskytyn@npu.czwww.horsovsky-tyn.cz

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