OVERTURE- Building Fairs Brno 2014


Building Fairs Brno 2014

Trade Fairs Brno, OJSC
Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians Engaged in Construction National Building Centre Ltd.

in cooperation

Czech Union of Civil Engineers
and the Association of Historical Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia

held on the eve of the 19th annual Building Fairs Brno

on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 in 19 hours

in the lecture hall of 102 BVV Administration Building, Exhibition 1

Traditional 14th Ouverture construction trade fair

which is devoted to the issue:

Site managers and construction

Event was accompanied by Ing. Svatopluk Zídek (ČKAIT & CSSI)


Ing. Pavel Křeček, Chairman ČKAIT

Converting the monastery brewery Plasy

the architectural heritage Centre National Technical Museum

Mgr. Pavel Kodera, Ph.D. (NTM Prague)

+ Ing. Svatopluk Slováček (Unistav Brno)

New railway tunnels on the railway section

Votice - Benešov

Ing. Miloš Krameš
(SUDOP Praha)

Introducing "BUILDING BOOKS 2014 '

theme - a construction foreman

Construction volume 17th edition book

Ing. Hamster Pavel, Ing. Sarka Janoušková, Mgr. Jan Taborsky

Due to the limited capacity of the entry for registered participants only.

The registration procedure to ouverture:

Go to page www.bvv.cz / IBF

click on "Visitor Registration"

Enter your e-mail

enter the registration code OUVERTURA2014

Fill out the form and displayed

Confirm registration with a voucher (pdf) from the organizer if the isn´t capacity used you receive e-mail.

The file will be activated on the day of March 17, 2014

(before begins the Building Fairs )

Then you just have to print this voucher and come to Ouverture.

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