Logging sights to EHD 2014

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ikona souboruInstruction to log sights and events for EHD 2014

This year's deadline:- u can log sights and events until September

- if you want your sights were advertised in the press (MF-dnes) - deadline is Friday, July 11

- ordering promotional materials - posters, flags - also in July 11

- Translations into English again provide - deadline 30 June

Do not forget to insert your objects GPS coordinates.

Dear Colleagues,

as of today, you can insert "yours" sights and events in the system of Association.

We hope that "first" year in this new system will not be so "menacing" for you,

that conversely make your work easier, but we understand that the whole registration and inserting will be new ones for you.

During the last months we try to insert all sights in to the system to help your work and perhaps lead.

In case of any questions, please contact the Secretariat. 

1. Open websites: http://www.historickasidla.cz

2. In left menu we choose Log in or Registration 

a) Login - in case, you have your registration, fill login with your username and password and confirm it.

b) Registration - If you are a new user, select Register. Fill in the required information and press Register and login. The email you provided, you will receive confirmation of your registration

3. If you have your access data, please login

Will open environment of your user profile, where you can perform the following tasks:

a. Change Password - If necessary, you can change your password

b. Billing Information

For the main data correctly select the type of organization (directly related to the determination of prices)
Fill contacts and mailing address
After completing and checking the items data confirm the Save.

c. Login sights for EHD

Here you can sign monument or add an action to the memory of undeclared

Login Sights:

From the list, select the sights, which you enroll. Click to open in an environment where you can edit, edit data, add images. When finished, press the Save button.

In case that we can´t search sight in list than, we will use buttons

Add a new

After you open link the form appears, where you must fill in the required information.

After you filled the form, please check the information and save your record

Your selected sights will appear in your user profile where with them, you can continue working - edit them and add them action.

Add action unto unlogged sights

You can add an action to unlogged sights. After you open the Add action of unlogged sights you can fill in the required information.

For item place of holding select other. Please confirm your new complete record with button save action.

d. Order of the EHD

If you logged in new sights then you simultaneously created your order. Price for registered sights is pre-filled as they relate to billing data that you have already completed
(Alternatively, they can go back and edit them). In your order, you can reorder the items offered in the desired quantities.

If you order and you have completed the check button to confirm it


If you have not ordered any fee-based services, only

e. Previous orders to the EHC

Here you can created a list of orders where there is a link View Invoice.

Check your invoice, print and make her pay.

f. If the order is entered, the invoice is issued. At this point you canť no longer make any edits in closed order.

Thank you
SHS CMS Secretariat

Tel: 224237558, 224213166

e-mail: info@shscms.cz


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